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04 Mar 2021

This Guidance on risk-based supervision will help supervisors address the full spectrum of risks and focus resources where the risks are highest. The risk-based approach will make supervisors' efforts to detect and prevent the financial flows that fuel crime and terrorism more effective.

01 Mar 2021

The FATF is consulting private sector stakeholders before finalising Guidance to help the implementation of new requirements to identify, assess, understand and mitigate proliferation financing risk.

Please provide your response by 9 April 2021 (18h00 CET).

25 Feb 2021

The second FATF Plenary under the Presidency of Dr. Marcus Pleyer, met again virtually in February 2021. Read the chairman's summary of the discussions which focussed on many topics, including the Mutual Evaluation of New Zealand.

16 Feb 2021

Since the 2017 assessment of Denmark's measures to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing, and their follow-up report in 2019, the country has taken a number of actions to strengthen its framework.