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02 Aug 2018


The new FATF Business Bulletin August 2018 provides a brief update on outcomes from the June 2018 FATF plenary meeting that are relevant for the private sector.

02 Aug 2018

This FATF/APG report analyses the financial flows associated with the fast-growing crime of human trafficking, both as a money laundering predicate and potential source of terrorist financing. 


26 Jul 2018

This report provides authorities with the tools and understanding necessary to effectively combat professional money laundering.
It looks at the techniques and tools used by professional money launderers, to help countries identify and dismantle them.

25 Jul 2018

Since its 2017 Mutual Evaluation, Sweden has made progress in addressing deficiencies; the FATF has re-rated the country on 10 of the 40 Recommendations and moved the country from enhanced to regular follow-up.