Laundering the Proceeds of Corruption

Cover Typologies report: Laundering the Proceeds of Corruption

Laundering the Proceeds of Corruption

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The FATF has prepared a study on the links between corruption and money laundering. This typology report differs from other such typologies previously produced by the FATF because it draws from publicly available work undertaken by experts. The goal of the project was to better understand corruption, its mechanisms and vulnerabilities, through an AML/CFT lens.

The report identifies key vulnerabilities within the current AML/CFT framework and discusses some of the obstacles to the recovery of corruption. In addition to providing the basis for further examination of related issues, the report will serve as the catalyst for future FATF work in developing guidance or best practices on AML/CFT measures relevant to combating corruption. The FATF will continue to work on issues related to the use of AML/CFT tools in the fight against corruption.

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