Israel becomes a member of the FATF

Paris, 10 December 2018 - Israel becomes a full member of the FATF with immediate effect, following the publication of its mutual evaluation report.

Israel became an observer to the FATF in February 2016. Until then it had already been closely involved in the work of the FATF through its participation in the FATF-style regional body MONEYVAL.

Since the start of its observership in February 2016, Israel has worked to meet the requirements for full membership of the FATF, which include undergoing a successful mutual evaluation, which it has now done.

On the occasion of Israel’s membership, FATF President Billingslea said “I congratulate Israel on becoming an FATF member.

Israel has undergone a rigorous assessment of its measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. During this demanding process, the country demonstrated its commitment to protect the integrity of the financial system. Israel has established a robust anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing framework that is achieving good results in identifying and responding to the risks the country is facing.

As a member of the FATF, the country’s experience and perspective will make a valuable contribution to our work to prevent the misuse of the financial system.”

At the October 2018 Plenary, delegates discussed and adopted the joint FATF/MONEYVAL mutual evaluation report of Israel. In line with FATF’s procedures, the report underwent a quality and consistency review before publication on 10 December.

With the publication of its mutual evaluation report, Israel becomes the 38th member of the FATF.

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