The Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD OAS)

Money Laundering Control

CICAD-OAS, a technical body of the Organization of American States, has been working in the area of money laundering control since the late 80s. In 1992 the Commission approved its Anti-Money Laundering Model Regulations and the following years CICAD’s Legal Development Department executed a number of projects within this field. In 1999 a new office, the Anti-Money Laundering Unit, was established in order to provide technical assistance and training to member states in judicial and financial measures to detect, monitor and prosecute money laundering crimes.

Financial Intelligence Units have been established and provided with the necessary computer equipment and staff training, in an ongoing program.

The CICAD Group of Experts on Money Laundering Control is the technical forum in which country experts debate, analyze and recommend actions on asset laundering and the financing of terrorism. The Group of Experts developed Model Regulations on money laundering offences, and the great majority of countries of the hemisphere have adopted most of the elements of these Regulations into their national laws.